Burgundy Purple Autumn Lipstick Picks

Who doesn’t like a dark lipstick in Autumn? I sure do! Then again, I always like a dark lipstick, but I usually wear them way more regularly when it’s “seasonally appropriate” (abandon this concept, wear whatever you like, all day every day!). So in a newfound surge of motivation fuelled by my friend K. (“Tani, I don’t mean to pressure you but your last post is from July 18th…” – I know I’m a bad blogger!) I went through my lipstick collection and picked some old and new faves for the present season:


MAC Pro Longwear Lip Liner in Bespoken For: The product that inspired this post! I needed a new good liner for dark burgundy purple lipsticks. The pro longwear liners are one of my favourites formula wise, because they are smooth and last forever, so this was kind of a no-brainer. I use this for all of my really dark lipsticks, though I have to say: It is patchy on its own and I wouldn’t recommend wearing it without a lipstick on top. It makes a fab base though!

Sleek Lip Liner in Dragon Fruit: Sleek finally made it into Austrian drugstores this summer! Previously I was only able to browse their shelves during London visits, but now we have a selection of the Sleek range over here, so yay! I ain’t gonna lie: Other than needing a liner that would match shades like MAC Rebel, I bought it because I loved the name Dragon Fruit (insert a long-winded rant about the perfection that is Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon here). The fact that it actually has a super nice formula and wears well is a very welcome bonus, however!


Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick in Malbec Burgundy: I’m gonna make it quick – I have a full review on this here. Sleek Dragon Fruit + Chateau Labiotte Malbec Burgundy is a winning combo however, I can only recommend!

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Glastonberry: I just had to put this in here simply for the packaging porn. Definitely one of the prettiest lipsticks I own, no doubt. Shade wise, it’s a super dark purplish red that layers quite nicely with MAC Bespoken For. It’s a very comfortable matte to wear, although I find it has a tendency to feather a bit at the edges, so a liner is definitely required!

Sleek Matte Me in Vino Tinto: I love me a nice liquid lipstick! They dry super matte and usually last longer than your normal matte formula, so I’m always interested in trying out new options. It’s a beautiful shade, but reapplying is a bit tricky – as it is with most liquid formulas!


MAC Instigator: Now if you’re looking for a cool-toned matte purple, Instigator is the way to go! It’s been in MAC’s permanent range for a while now, so it should be available all year round. I like to wear this paired with just a bit of matte eyeshadow so the focus stays with the lips, because … #gothic #aesthetic, I guess!

MAC Diva & Dark Side: I’m lumping these two together because they’re relatively similar in colour, just that Diva comes with a matte finish and Dark Side with an amplified one. Dark Side might just be a bit more of a berry red compared to Diva, which is pretty much a true dark red. Both of them layer nicely with Bespoken For – which is what I had in mind when I bought the liner in the first place!

… in all honesty, there’s a few more of these shades in my collection, these are just my current faves!

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