Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick in Malbec Burgundy

Lipstick, chateau, wine colour …

After too many months of abandoning this blog because of nothing other than sheer laziness, I’m back and I’m not only bringing you lipstick, but also the most catchy autotuned song that will be stuck in your head for days. Why, you ask? Because without that song, I wouldn’t even be aware of the glory that is the Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipsticks!

A few months ago, I was introduced to the wonderful world of k-pop by my friend J. – and I’ve been stuck in k-pop hell ever since. There’s many songs that play on loop in k-pop hell, and one of them is Lotto by EXO – the song where the fabulous “lipstick chateau wine colour” line is from. I think after the MV dropped, these lipsticks were sold out within a few hours. And since my friends and I love nothing more than being ridiculous fangirls, we hopped on the bandwagon and ordered a few wine lipsticks of our own!


In all honesty, this lipstick combines what I love most in life: makeup, k-pop and wine. The design is literally so pretty, I just had to have it because it looks so damn cool. Of course you never really know what you’re gonna get when you order cosmetics from eBay, so it was a super pleasant surprise how high quality and nice the packaging of these wine lipsticks is!

The shade Malbec Burgundy is everything I want in a lipstick, really – beautiful berry goodness. I think shade wise, it comes closest to MAC Fashion Revival, which is another perfect berry matte that I love a lot. Formula wise, the Chateau Labiotte lipstick is buttery smooth and matte at the same time, super comfortable to wear. I usually layer it with a lip liner – my new favourite is the Sleek lip liner in Dragon Fruit. A pretty failsafe combination for Autumn, really.


This is the first Korean beauty product I’ve tried and I have to say I’m a bit disappointed in myself for not ordering more shades. If it weren’t for eBay being super unreliable and me spending too much money on band merch and all that fun stuff, I’d definitely think about a second order. In short: The Chateau Labiotte lipsticks come with a great formula, a nice shade selection and the most fabulous packaging – definitely recommended!

PS: If you clicked on the link, listened to Lotto and now have it stuck in your head, I’m not really sorry. It’s a tune.  😉

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