KIKO Everlasting Colour Precision Lip Liner 415 Sangria

I can’t say no to a good lip product – especially when it’s new and claims to be long lasting! KIKO Cosmetics brought out a new range of matte lipsticks including lipliners a while ago, so obviously I had to go check it out. While the lipsticks swatch nicely, they didn’t catch my interest that much because let’s face it, there’s hardly a colour that I like that I don’t already own. Oops? I’m a big fan of the KIKO lip liners though, so I definitely wanted to give those a try.

KIKO Everlasting Colour Precision Lip Liner 415 Details

I opted for 415 Sangria, which is a deep rose shade that goes nicely with a number of different lipstick shades. I’ve paired it with Charlotte Tilbury Amazing Grace, NARS Brigitte, MAC Brave and MAC Twig so far and it looks super nice in all of those combos – so it’s definitely a winner when it comes to variety. On the swatch pic below, I put the KIKO liner in the middle with NARS Brigitte on the left and Charlotte Tilbury Amazing Grace on the right.

KIKO Everlasting Colour Precision Lip Liner 415 Swatches

The formula is exactly how I like my liners: It’s smooth enough to apply nicely, but when it sets, it gets a bit drier and clings to the lips. It actually looks super nice on its own too and has pretty good staying power – the shade is super gorgeous and it doesn’t transfer much while drinking and eating, which is always a plus.

Other than that, it’s a twist up pen so there’s no need for a sharpener – yay! I’m not a big fan of the rubbery smudging tool at the end of the pencil because I personally don’t use it at all, but I’m sure it’s useful to others.

If the KIKO website is correct, the Everlasting Lip Liners come in 16 shades of various nudes, pinks, berries and reds and retail for € 6,90 each which is a pretty reasonable price for a decent lip liner. So if you’re looking for a long wearing liner but don’t want to spend double+ the amount on MAC Prolongwear (which are the ones to look for if were talking #bulletproof), these ones are a great option!

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