Song of the Day 18/7/16

さよならひとり/ Sayonara Hitori 

さよならひとり 抱きあうように
さよならひとり 悲しまないで
A single goodbye, as if we’re embracing each other
You bloom all around in this world
A single goodbye, don’t be sad
In this world flowers are in full bloom

Happy birthday to my newest favourite, Lee Taemin! Crazy to think that just a little over a week ago, I had no idea that you even existed – really not quite sure if you’re an angel or actual lucifer though, jury’s still out on that one.

I just had to include the music video because I feel like this is art in its purest form. I haven’t been able to get enough of this song for a week now, it’s permanently stuck in my head. Don’t even get me started on the visuals, they speak for themselves.

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