Dolce K – Kylie Cosmetics

You know the drill by now – I ordered three lipsticks a few months ago, two of them I already reviewed (click here for Posie K & here for True Brown K), this one is the last one missing. So let’s talk about Dolce K!

Kylie Cosmetics Dolce K Review

There’s really not much to say about the formula that I haven’t covered in my previous posts: The liner is creamy and opaque (Kylie should really start to sell them seperately, she’d make even more bank I’m telling you), the liquid lipstick is pretty thin in formula but feels like velvet on the lips once it dries down – you can definitely feel it, but it’s not uncomfortable. If you’re into liquid lipstick, you won’t mind. These do typically last a whole work day on me (so +8 hours) as long as I don’t munch on a greasy pizza in the meantime; since my diet at the office pretty much consists of bananas and smoothies, my lipstick usually stays intact!

Kylie Cosmetics Dolce K Swatches 2
Left to right: Dolce K lipliner – Dolce K liquid lipstick – MAC Spice lipliner

I feel like Dolce K is the perfect colour for those who want to dabble into the 90ies brown but can’t commit to a full-on brown like True Brown is for example. For comparison, I swatched the Dolce lipkit next to the MAC Spice lipliner because it’s a pretty popular one as well: As you can see, Dolce K is more of a neutral beigy-brown nude, while Spice definitely has a warmer undertone that leans into orange.


This is actually a snap that I sent to my friend Dani (we made a joint order and got the same three lipkit shades) when I first put it on – I think it’s a pretty good choice for those neutral makeup kinda days!

So that’s it for my Kylie Cosmetics series – for now. It’s not like I’m not interested, say, Mary Jo K or Kourt K … hell, even 22 looks great. Full disclosure though: If you’re based in the US, do yourself a favour and just buy Colourpop –  they don’t ship to Europe but they’re made in the same factory and essentially have the same ingredients, just that they sell for a fraction of the price. I would, if I could!

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