True Brown K – Kylie Cosmetics

Being a matte/ liquid lipstick lover, it was only a matter of time before the hype around Kylie Cosmetics got to me. I really couldn’t care less for Ms. Jenner herself, but since everyone and their mother is praising these, I took up the challenge of ordering a few of the Lip Kits for my friend and me. Which is easier said than done: Us Europeans have to stay up until midnight because they’re usually released around 3 or 4 pm LA time. I didn’t manage to get my order processed the first time I tried – the site crashed before I could finish my order. So I tried again a week later, the adrenaline rush worse than the first time around, but at least I actually managed and True Brown K, Dolce K and Posie K were on their way to me.

One month later, the Lip Kits finally arrived. Standard international shipping is around 15 business days, but for whatever reason the package was held in customs at the Austrian border for two weeks. (Let’s not even mention that on top of the price of the Lip Kits themselves, packaging and shipping, we had to pay a customs fee as well …) Anyways – now they’re here, and I’m testing myself through all of the shades!

While I’ve tried all the Lip Kits I ordered already, I thought why not start my review series with the “scariest” one of the bunch – True Brown K. I’ve seen so many people with different skin tones rock it, and when it comes to lipsticks I consider every shade a challenge, so here we are. Granted, the swatches do not look appealing at all! For some reason, the shade looks much nicer when it’s applied to the lips though:

I literally applied this look to go to the supermarket today, but that’s the fun of makeup, isn’t it? Shade wise, True Brown K is exactly what the name says – brown. It’s a dramatic statement lip, but in combination with warm-toned makeup, I have to say I really like it a lot! It sets and dries completely matte around 30 seconds after application, and when it does it’s here to stay. The formula feels like velvet on the lips – you can definitely feel it’s there. If you’re a liquid lipstick lover, you know the feeling – I’d say the Lip Kits are similar to the Sephora liquid lipsticks, maybe slightly heavier. I do like the formula a lot, I only have one negative remark: the scent. All of the Lip Kits are heavily scented, and not in a good way. It’s sickly sweet and extremely heavy – no lovely vanilla smell like the MAC lipsticks, but really irritating. It vanishes after a few minutes, but surely it’s not necessary to have them this heavily scented?

Dolce K and Posie K review are on their way in the next couple of days or weeks, so check back for those. What do you think about True Brown K – a shade you would wear? Chat to me in the comments! 🙂

12 thoughts on “True Brown K – Kylie Cosmetics

  1. haha, nope nope nope. Not a shade I could wear, although it looks really really nice on you 🙂 looking forward to reviews for the other two.


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